Thursday, February 28, 2013

I`m blue

Abia astept primavara...infloresc si eu cand vad soarele pe cer si cand simt ca nu-mi mai ingheata nasul cand ies din casa.Astept sa pun toate jachetele si bluzele groase la naftalina si sa scot rochitele...pana atunci insa nu am de ales decat sa ma imbrac gros...

I can`t wait for sping to be here, because i get really happy when i see the sun and when my nose doesn`t freeze when i leave the house.I can`t wait to put away all my jackets and coats and sweaters and take out my dresses...until then i have no choice but to dress according to the cold outside!

Shirt: Vintage
Leggings: i don`t remember from where i got these
Sweater: i got this from my mom

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