Thursday, January 31, 2013


Trebuie sa imparasesc cu voi reteta asta pt ca e dementiala!!!
Am unit 2 retete ca imi place sa improvizez cand vine vorba de mancare...merg dupa instinct....
 si dupa papilele mele gustative...bine fac! :)

 -Ananas rondele (eu am avut proaspat...e alegerea voastra daca il vreti pe cel din conserva)
 -Inghetata de vanilie
 -Fulgi de porumb
 -Iaurt de cocos
- Fructe de padure

Se iau doua linguri din inghetata si se face un rotund care se tavaleste bine prin fulgi de porumb zdrobiti, se impacheteaza in folie alimentara si se da la congelator vreo 30/40 min.
Intre timp se taie ananasul rondele (la cel proaspat se curata de coaja si se taie mijlocul care e tare), se prajeste 2,3 minute in unt topit (nu mult unt ca nu-i cartof), pe ambele parti pana devine auriu si apoi se scoate pe hartie absorbanta.
Se prajeste apoi in ulei inghetata (tehnica deep fried) cam 2 minute, poate mai putin (o sa va dati seama cand e necesar sa scoateti inghetata credeti-ma), apoi se soate pe un servetel absorbant.
Se orneaza dupa imaginatie...Reteta mea arata asa.Pofta buna!

I have to share with you guys this recipe, because it`s crazy delicious.
I combined 2 recipes Fried Pineapple and Deep Fried Ice Cream.I always go after my guts in the kitchen, i like improvisation and my taste buds think i`m doing a great job :)))

Anyway, you need this ingredients for the recipe:
- Pineapple (i used fresh pineapple,it`s up to you  if you want to use caned one)
-Corn flakes
-Vanila Ice Crean
-Coconut yogurt
-Forest fruits

For deep fried ice cream i followed this recipe:

I fried the pineapple in some butter (not a lot) 2 minutes on each side until it gets a nice caramel colour and then place it on absorbent paper towel.
Decorate your plate as you please...mine looks like above.Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ana Banciu Photography

Acum catva timp o prietena care se intampla sa fie un fotograf excelent m-a chemat sa facem o sedinta foto.Eu am fost incantata de ce a iesit.Sper sa va placa si voua.Link-ul pt facebook-ul ei il gasiti sub poze.

Not too long ago a friend of mine, who happens to be a great photographer called me about a photo session.I was thilled about what came out..hope you`ll like the pics too.The link to her facebook page is on the bottom of my post.

Shoes: Berska
Leggings: Stradivarius
Shirt: Vintage
Earrings: I got them from Turkey

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


 `Neata prieteni,
Se pare ca in dimineata asta m-am trezit melancolica asa ca asta e un post poetic, cu putina muzica.Sper sa aveti o zi minunata si plina de sentimente, indiferent de ce fel sunt...sunt toate bune dupa parerea mea...iti dovedesc ca traiesti!

Mornin` friends,
Apparently i woke up melancholic today so this will be a poetic post, with some music.I hope you`ll have a great day with lots of feelings, because no matter what kind...feelings are always reminds you, you`re alive! 

Iubirea e cel din urma legamant ce inca ne mai picura in suflet stropi de dimineti reci, cu buze calde,ceasuri lungi si clipe fade...
Iubirea iti sopteste la ureche cu primul zambet, ca nu e decat o iluzie de care nu putem scapa nici in vise...
Covor de huma prin care iti ratacesc pasii in paduri de mult adormite
Covor de lume oarba stransa in suflet
Covor de ura pentru mincunile unui trup fara suflet
Covor de tristete iubirea ranita...iubirea celui din urma "noi".

Love is the last pledge that is still dropping ounces of cold mornings with warm lips, long hours and fading moments into our soul...
Love is whispering into your ear with the first smile, that it`s not more than an illusion of which you can`t get rid of not even in our dreams...
Carpet of loam over which your steps roam in forests that are long dormant
Carpet of blind world spilled all over your soul
Carpet of hate for the lies of a body without soul
Carpet of sadness this injured love...the last "us"

 (copyright Sofia)


Hanging on a string

Dupa cum a promis...asta e un post cu ceva handmade.Toate accesoriile mele au stat pana anul trecut in cutii de metal de la biscuitii aia vienezi...In 2012 m-am mutat in casa noua si am decis sa nu-mi mai pedepsesc cerceii si lanturile si le-am facut suport (la bratari nu le-am gasit inca un suport rezonabil asa ca stau inghesuite intr-o cutie de whiskey - nu ma judecati :))) ). Luati rame simple, servetele cu modele sa se asorteze camerei voastre, adeziv pt tehnica servetelului,sarma, dantela si cuie si .... cel mai important folositi-va IMAGINATIA!
Aici gasiti un tutorial cum sa invatati tehnica servetelului(nu e necesar sa folositi patina de nu m-am complicat)Nu trebuie sa fie perfect...Daca nu aveti chef puteti doar sa vopsiti ramele...Succes!

I pomised you  i`ll post something handmade.I used to keep all my accessories in biscuits boxes...i know it`s lame...but in 2012 i moved into a new apartament so i decided to not punish my earring and necklaces by hanging them on a string (my bracelets are still in a whiskey box...don`t judge..i`m only human :)))) ). If you want to make something similar to mine go ahead and buy some simple picture frames, some wire,nails and lace, napkins to match the colors of your room and some adhesive...and just try to use your imagination.
Here`s a tutorial on how to learn the technique.It doesn`t need to be perfect just have fun with it.If you don`t have time you can just paint the frames..Good luck!

The one on the left was my inpiration, the one on the right is mine!

Blue navy

 "Fifteen men on the dead man's chest--
...Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!
Drink and the devil had done for the rest
 ...Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!"

Azi a fost una din zilele dragute de iarna si m-am incumetat sa ies in curte pt cateva poze.Cei care ma cunosc stiu ca urasc frigul, asa ca asta a fost un sacrificiu...placut insa...:)

Today was one of those fine days of winter so i decided to take some pics in my front yard (for those of you who do not live in Romania...the weather is cold as hell this time of the year..almost like Rusia).People who know me, also know i`m not fond of cold weather but it was a nice sacrifice.

Pants: H&M
Sweater: Top Shop
Boots: H&M
Rings: Vintage and Handmade

Monday, January 28, 2013

Shoe of the month

Dupa exemplul superbei , voi incerca sa va arat pantofii mei.Ea posteaza in fiecare saptamana o noua pereche de papuci...insa din pacate eu nu sunt prezentatoarea unu matinal newyorkez.

I took example from Flor de Maria and i`ll try to post my shoes.I`ll do this least i`ll try :)

Strap sandals: Zara

Nothing else matters `cuz i luv my heels:)

Happy different year!

Salutare natiune!!!
Incep prin a va povesti ca imi doresc de mult sa-mi fac un blog mai complex (desi inca imi prind urechiile prin modul de folosire- inca nu i-am dat de cap total si mai dispar post-uri- pt ca le sterg "din gresala", evident) .Am deja un blog de poezie de vreo 3 ani, insa inspiratia vine rar prin casa mea:)))

Vreau sa reunesc in acest blog unele dintre pasiunile mele...ceva arta culinara, ceva recenzii de carti/filme,teatru si muzica, stil personal si poate ceva handmade by Sofia....we`ll see:))
Zic sa incepem, ca sa dovedesc stilul caracteristic invers, cu sfarsitul ...anului :)))
Sper sa aveti un An Nou Diferit!

Hello people!!!
I`ll start by telling you that i`m wishing for this blog for a long time now (even if my electronics skills are not very friendly and some of my posts are vanishing by mistake ). I already have a poetry blog...but inspiration doesn`t find me these days...:)
I`ll try to reunite in this one some of my passions like cooking, theatre, music, some reviews of book/movies, personal style and maybe something handmade by Sofia...guess we`ll see:)
I will start with the ending ... of the year:)
Happy different year everyone!

Top: Poema
Earrings: Gift from Alexandra
Jacket: Zara
Tights: Stradivarius
Shoes: Berska
Photo: the one with the logo Bogdan Veseli

"Eu sper sa-nentelegem bine.." cum ar spune Mephisto...pam pam
"I hope we`ll get along just fine.." how Mephisto would say...:)