Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy different year!

Salutare natiune!!!
Incep prin a va povesti ca imi doresc de mult sa-mi fac un blog mai complex (desi inca imi prind urechiile prin modul de folosire- inca nu i-am dat de cap total si mai dispar post-uri- pt ca le sterg "din gresala", evident) .Am deja un blog de poezie de vreo 3 ani, insa inspiratia vine rar prin casa mea:)))

Vreau sa reunesc in acest blog unele dintre pasiunile mele...ceva arta culinara, ceva recenzii de carti/filme,teatru si muzica, stil personal si poate ceva handmade by Sofia....we`ll see:))
Zic sa incepem, ca sa dovedesc stilul caracteristic invers, cu sfarsitul ...anului :)))
Sper sa aveti un An Nou Diferit!

Hello people!!!
I`ll start by telling you that i`m wishing for this blog for a long time now (even if my electronics skills are not very friendly and some of my posts are vanishing by mistake ). I already have a poetry blog...but inspiration doesn`t find me these days...:)
I`ll try to reunite in this one some of my passions like cooking, theatre, music, some reviews of book/movies, personal style and maybe something handmade by Sofia...guess we`ll see:)
I will start with the ending ... of the year:)
Happy different year everyone!

Top: Poema
Earrings: Gift from Alexandra
Jacket: Zara
Tights: Stradivarius
Shoes: Berska
Photo: the one with the logo Bogdan Veseli

"Eu sper sa-nentelegem bine.." cum ar spune Mephisto...pam pam
"I hope we`ll get along just fine.." how Mephisto would say...:)

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